WAKAF TAPAI, TERENGGANU; En. Mustafa, 58 and his spouse Puan Mursyidah, 53 could only remain at home every time monsoon appears as En. Mustafa only uses a motorcycle to sell the fruits. Apparently, this is his job since teenager meanwhile, his wife couldn’t work at all because she suffers from critical asthma and it will be worse during monsoon.

This couple had 6 children and one of them is still schooling. They only receive help from JKM RM100 monthly.

Their house, which is developed under Projek Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT), is quite narrow for 8 of them and they didn’t even have a kitchen to prepare their food. They had to use their old kitchen from their previous house as it is quite near to their current house even though the old house might collapse anytime.

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